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Paragliding in Annecy

Paragliding in Annecy Treat yourself to bird’s eye view over Lake Annecy with a paragliding experience!  After a soft take-off you will over-fly the wonderful turquoise Lake Annecy, in Haute- Savoie.The instructor sitting behind you will give you explanations on this exceptional mountain scenary. We ensure you this two-seater flight will leave you speechless ! Annecy is the undisputed european capital of paragliding.  When Paragliding in Annecy take-off from the mountains bordering the lake and landing in the valley.  Tandem paragliding trips are available with professionals allowing you to soar and have the paragliding experience.  Why not treat the thrill-seeker in your family. Lake Annecy and its surrounding mountains are not only the birthplace of paragliding, the lake is a world centre for parapente. This is no coincidence: it is simply because the air conditions in these parts of the Alps are perfect for practising the sport: winds are generally gentle, warm currents abound, the takeoff sites are easily accessible, the wide, green valleys provide excellent landing terrain and the roads make picking up paragliders easy. When Paragliding in Annecy most people take off from high points off the east shore and fly over the Dents de Lanfon, Mont du Veyrier and pick up hot air currents which accend the limestone cliffs. Fly over the dents de Lanfon and La Tournette limestone walls, soar above the turquoise waters of the purest of the large alpine lake and glide for kilometres over the Bauges and Aravis crests, which seem to have been designed for long-distance paragliding.
Land, dive into and swim in the lake, then discover all the latest trends in flying sports in the local paragliding schools and shops.
The Annecy region is a paradise for flying sports and the most popular flying destination in the Alps, for excellent reasons.

Also available in the area;

  • Via Ferrata
  • Canyoning with ziplines
  • White water rafting

The Annecy triathlon takes place 1st July.

Let our concierge service book you on a day full of adventure!

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